Jingdong traced to shield Linsen dealers


technology news December 15th afternoon news, according to micro-blog users broke the news, following the double 11 Jingdong of MLS official flagship store "to make" the closed shop, and no permanent cooperation "after the penalty, Zhou Jingdong in the keyword search on" wood Linsen "were shielded, hundreds of dealers by the Jingdong" ban Mu Lin sen".


users said the search box input "Linsen" in Jingdong directly to the home page, the search "CELE flagship store", all search goods are undercover brand casual shoes. Only the page drop-down bottom belongs to the "goods" advertising position, only five "Linsen" – related merchandise search revealed.

October 29th, Jingdong has announced that a platform for brand businesses shall not participate in other platforms including Jingdong, promotional activities, and said, "for individual businesses forced to temporarily stop the normal operation or exit activities, the Jingdong will permanently terminate its cooperation with." At the same time, the Jingdong of publicity "Linsen official flagship store" to make "the closed shop, and no permanent cooperation" punishment.

and Linsen through micro-blog voice, "although the Jingdong invest a lot of manpower and resources, but the input and output is not proportional to the number of customers, only a fraction of the other platform." And said that the implementation of Jingdong hegemony counterattack. (Warriors)

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