How to build a straight car gold account

first popular Basics:

1 is how to rank the



2 is how to deduct the cost of


this I see a bit dizzy, but this algorithm can explain the following phenomenon.


current bid 1.26 yuan, but click on the deduction of only $0.53. The larger the amount of money, the more you prove behind the silly hat.

What are the reasons for poor

train effect?

fuzzy promotion strategy, chaotic account structure, random promotion behavior, lack of follow-up optimization. Believe it or not, this phenomenon is common. So when driving, be sure to have a plan. Some day a good mood to play two hundred dollars. Burn it up. This is not conducive to the optimization, the word is more talked about.

a train promotion program, including the proportion of paid traffic and free traffic, the proportion of the entire store to promote the explosion and baby.

burst plan: a number of promotion title / picture, the quality of the score high score keywords, " priority to try " central word matching " cautious test ". For example, you use the main product in the A plan and the title of the train as a promotion picture. In the B program you can try to replace the picture, so you can test the different pictures click conversion.

keyword selection

train through the key words are composed of three parts: 1 industry word long tail word 3 Taobao recommended word

industry words and long tail word here do not speak, and focus on the next Taobao recommended words.

where is the Taobao


1 Taobao home search box below


note, you see the new sandals is an industry term. But is this really the case? Do you want to go in and see



if you use the word promotion recommendation system, you’re dead! At least 100 system I promote the baby’s not recommended in this word, we need to manually add. Pay attention to the middle of the space! Other words do not speak, their point to look at it!

2 Taobao sales channel


train promotion baby are here. Recommended word

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