Ministry of Commerce intervention Taobao mall storm today Taobao will eventually respond

Signs of Taobao mall

days of the siege of the storm finally ushered in the end. Last weekend, the Ministry of Commerce official intervention on the incident, requiring the parties to stabilize prices and support small and micro enterprises to properly deal with the situation and timely reporting.

reporter was informed last night, the main planning of the siege of the YY group has entered a state of truce, and Taobao mall this afternoon will be the final response.

the evening of October 15th, the Ministry of Commerce "published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division responsible person interviewed by the media" Taobao mall New stories. The official said that the Ministry of Commerce has asked the parties to stabilize prices and support small and micro enterprises to properly handle the situation and timely reporting.

said the Ministry of Commerce, Taobao mall hopes to fully listen to the views of all parties to take positive action to respond to the reasonable requirements of the relevant businesses, especially small businesses.

he also stressed that the relevant enterprises and individuals must express their demands in a legitimate way.

at present, from October 11th onwards on the Taobao mall to carry out a large-scale counterattack small sellers have also suspended operations.

Taobao mall small sellers gathered the YY channel, the organizers issued a notice, said: "this channel today to suspend some activities, the relevant state departments have started to investigate changes of rules about Taobao. Please believe that the government will give all of us a satisfactory answer! "

reporter yesterday from Taobao mall responsible person was informed this afternoon, Taobao mall will open a news briefing on the incident made a final response.

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