Behind the Tmall 1111 massive trading platform for the first time large scale combat Poly spire


poly spire


[TechWeb] in November 15th this year, 1111 news reports, online shopping carnival, Tmall and Taobao 19 billion 100 million yuan Alipay became a hot topic. Behind the massive transactions, called a "poly spire" platform in the back support 19 billion 100 million yuan record.

in July 10th this year, Tmall and Ali cloud network, announced the joint launch of poly spire platform. Three months later, Ali cloud computing technology for the first time in the field of electronic commerce poly spire large-scale combat.

last year to promote the activities of the 1111, some of the traditional brands due to the big sellers of network delay, system failure, missed the 20 thousand single, loss of nearly $500 thousand. This phenomenon is due to the emergence of the new poly spire.

, according to official data, the 1111 big promotion Day Carnival, the stone tower system for processing orders for more than 20% of the total amount of Tmall, than usual increase of 20 times, a total of nearly 12000 Tmall service businesses, 17 well net sellers, tens of millions of businesses are using the poly spire ERP and CRM system based on. Among them, the 650 thousand transactions completed by the ERP system on the poly spire processing orders the largest amount of business.

on-line since July of this year, the poly spire within two months in 20 thousand businesses in the daily use, the number of orders more than 500 thousand single day treatment. Poly spire leader Wang Wenbin said, "the expected next year will achieve double 11 orders in the vast majority of Tmall poly stone tower processing." (Tao Chi)

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