Fresh is the last radiance of the setting sun No s dead

last year triggered a fresh electricity supplier is a pseudo proposition, the debate has not only failed to combat the development of fresh industry, but it is greatly promoted the rapid rise of the fresh industry.

over the past year is fresh is the golden period, but consumers will enhance the consumption of fresh electricity supplier, capital market also began to increase their favor, get Amazon’s $20 million investment in May 77 delicious, I bought the network announced B round of financing of $100 million, at the same time, life had also claimed that in January of this year has completed a financing. It seems that a new round of fresh knockout triggered at any moment.

at present, the industry view exists some fresh consensus, first, cold chain logistics is the lifeblood; second, the loss of a large; third, quality control difficult; fourth, high price to subsist; fifth, re purchase rate is the core; sixth, scale is the key; seventh, density distribution is the foundation. These problems encountered in the business process, the basic consensus is fresh electricity supplier, however, because of these consensus so that some people have a little misunderstanding of fresh electricity supplier.

misunderstanding: giant game small players difficult to survive

recently, there are arguments that fresh electricity supplier is a giant game, well, this is true, in my opinion, any market prospects of the project are giants of the game, but small players may not be difficult to survive.

where there are prospects where there is a giant figure, which is the law of the market, but it does not mean that after the giants into the small players are difficult to survive. Most of the time the entry form is actually a small investment giant through the game player to complete, in my opinion, fresh electricity market of small game player there is still great room for development, otherwise it will not have a delicious 77, the original life, Tuotuo commune, Putian fresh fruit, easy to so many of the existing vertical electricity supplier.

At present,

, Ali, Jingdong, I bought the network, shop No. 1, etc. will be included in the SF preferred fresh electricity market giants ranks in 77, and delicious, original life, Tuo Tuo commune, easy fruit and Putian will be included in the small game player camp. In fact, the real fresh electricity supplier to do good is thought to be a small game player of the enterprise, and the giant is more in the use of resources and influence to the pursuit of leveraging public opinion.

some people think that the development of the appeal summary will be seven points problem for small game player who, only to have the strength of the giant burn through. In fact, the giants have a giant pattern of view, small players have small players play.


giant to seize the market, not afraid to burn, as long as can become the industry leader, in this thinking, the giants need to establish the cold chain system in the country, as rich as possible SKU, a large number of investment in marketing costs, continuous promotions, to get through the burn scale is usually giants play. There are internal sources, I would like to buy a large amount of money will be used to improve the country’s 60 cities cold chain logistics construction, a large number of advertising and promotional nationwide.

and small players are generally more focused

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