Looking for the breakthrough point of B2C enterprise network marketing service

with the rapid growth in the number of domestic Internet users, Internet information, payment, logistics system continues to mature, more and more traditional enterprises no longer satisfied with the Internet to obtain sales leads to the simple network marketing demands, but aimed at the online product sales market. They join the B2C/C2C platform, or self built online retail platform, the use of their products, resources and experience, open up the Internet product sales channels.

according to iResearch data show that by May 2009 the number of B2C online mall coverage of nearly 130 million, an increase of 10.9%, the gap between the C2C platform and continue to narrow. B2C mall subscriber growth rate has been three consecutive months leading C2C platform.

B2C website is mostly behind the strength of traditional enterprises, with the development of the Internet great momentum, force in the internet. This part of the enterprise attaches great importance to the network marketing, the budget is sufficient, belong to the network marketing of high quality customer, is the network marketing service provider key service object.

Although the

B2C business is the owner of the money, but it is not easy to wait". B2C enterprises than ordinary enterprises to carry out network marketing for a long time, more experience, anti flicker stronger. B2C companies also bear a huge business indicators and pressure, their urgent needs for network marketing is directly reflected in the desired data level. In front of the enterprise B2C, depicting the network marketing product prospects is feeble, B2C enterprises are most concerned about is to bring the number of potential customers, how many transactions order, how much is the single order cost of network marketing. No network marketing service providers brushes, basically not B2C enterprises, easy in service competition defeated.

is currently in the field of online marketing services, B2C enterprise generally mostly large customers, small enterprises "character is not B2C". However, in the process of providing network marketing services for B2C enterprises, with the intensification of competition, the profit space of network marketing service providers is getting smaller and smaller, and the products tend to be single.

is a large enterprise network marketing demand B2C is difficult to be released, on the other hand, the network marketing service providers but also in the crowded bridge: thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers are mostly concentrated in the field of search advertising and marketing. In the B2C enterprise network marketing chaos, there are enormous business opportunities and market demand, the urgent need for innovative network marketing service idea and mode, provide deep network marketing services for B2C enterprises to release the consumption potential of B2C enterprise network marketing.

personally think that in the B2C enterprise network marketing services, the following aspects are worth considering.

first, B2C enterprise network marketing data analysis level, can make a difference. B2C enterprises on their own network marketing situation is often known, but I do not know why. Know your site every day the amount of visits, registration and order quantity, but the relevance of these data, the trend of data development, the link between the web site

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