Taobao Porsche minimum auction 576 thousand auction confiscated vehicles

will be the first public through the Taobao platform, to auction to buy cars from customs confiscated property. In January 6th, including Martha Lahti, Porsche, BMW, Audi and other luxury car brands, 24 Dalian customs confiscated vehicles have been as the first batch of items in the Taobao auction channel on the line, and is today morning 10 point shooting ready.  

24 car customs confiscated car today Taobao


Beijing Youth Daily reporter login Taobao home page to see the "customs confiscated car panic buying" activities display pictures. The Taobao auction confirmation, BYD reporter also learned that, with the customs labeled "customs channel", has also been in the auction of assets disposal platform Taobao low-key on-line, and help the judicial reform, the reform of the bus "judicial auction" and "auctions" become the sub channels, to provide a large number of relevant government departments for disposal of assets user.


page information display, this morning 10 will officially start shooting. Auction rules for the auction to pay the deposit. After the shooting, you can click on the page button, each bid ladder is one thousand yuan, the bidding period is 24 hours, 2 minutes before the end of the auction as a bid, the automatic time delay 5 minutes, until no one bid that transaction. Until the end of the transaction, you can always pay margin.

BYD reporter saw 24 customs confiscated a luxury car, the number of spectators, concerned about the number and the largest number of applicants, with 576 thousand starting Porsche cayenne. The model market price of about 800 thousand -90 million. Customs and auction houses will provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. As for the relevant matters on the card, must be quasi local consultation on vehicle.

Taobao G2C mode field expanded

insiders told reporters BYD, which is following the judicial auction, the auction after the bus, and an important government affairs "via" folk, behind it reflects the full credit for private Internet application of government. Access to such government affairs, called "G2C" in Taobao.

in fact, Taobao is the first to test the waters of the judicial auction system, also officially opened the G2C business. According to reports, as of December 2015, the country has 1150 courts settled Taobao judicial auction platform, accounting for 33% of the country’s more than 3 thousand and 500 courts.

, for example, to December 2015, Zhejiang Province, the racquet was 99.76%, the turnover rate of 90.09%, closing auction average premium rate of 39.2%, than in the past the traditional auction were increased by 14 percentage points and 17 percentage points. The total turnover of 35 billion 556 million 330 thousand yuan, the Commission for the parties to save about $770 million.

the source also said that with the gradual deepening of the reform of local buses, Taobao auction platform is also timely to open up the corresponding G2C business. In April last year, Shaanxi Province

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