Watch and buy qiyi to enter the video business become an upsurge

more and more video sites will look at the electricity supplier.

yesterday (April 23rd), Iqiyi announced the Iqiyi mall online video website. Buy what they see, buy what they want, the video electricity supplier, as one of the important directions of the electricity supplier industry, the development of precision marketing, is a huge change for the industry.

in November last year, a flagship television business, video electricity supplier phenomenal program "goddess’s new clothes", causing consumers to show the same clothes behind the Blitz, is happy that Taobao, Alibaba and Hunan TV joint venture company cross. At the same time, Ali, Jingdong has also announced their respective video business planning.

electricity supplier analyst Wang Liyang on the daily economic news reporter, said the video electricity supplier will try to promote the industry to further explore the upgrade.

online shopping to achieve technological change

while watching the video program while shopping, Video Star Dress, goods and other commodities, the user can click on the mouse to buy a single click." Once upon a time, this is the expectations of users, and now with the development of the video electricity supplier, this side while watching the shopping is becoming a reality.

With the recent Iqiyi

homemade variety "love model" network video hit, electricity supplier presents in the program, so that a new business model began officially entered the consumer. Iqiyi CTO soup Hing the including the "daily economic news" and other media interview, said that the future of computer can just like the human eye to identify the video inside the person and the object, which contributes to the electricity supplier and the video content fully linked, Iqiyi is developing a new advertising technology VideoOut.

in fact, early in the fourth quarter of last year, Iqiyi launched the video business, and in a number of programs and business in depth exploration. In the movie business, Iqiyi movie tickets online booking service in the whole industry, to realize video mobile terminal traffic. Then in "," love "If You Are The One model" and other programs to achieve a video and electricity supplier cooperation, bring a one-stop shopping experience for users to watch. The "love" in the whole show supermodel more than 1 thousand sets of clothing and accessories etc., are related to electricity supplier website for sale.

CEO, the founder of Iqiyi, Gong Yu said: "the video site has a new stage of evolution from connecting people to people with service and information evolution." Video sites can be connected in the future a lot of services, the electricity supplier is one of them. Obviously, the video site to do is to open up these industries and businesses.


shadow looming behind Ali

it is worth noting that Iqiyi produced reality show "love model" by Jingdong exclusive title cooperation, is also the first early adopters of VideoOut technology, besides the brand name, advertising placement, supermodel players in the program’s dress was sold at Jingdong.

coincidentally, in August last year began to heat.

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