The two dimensional code scanning shopping praised the media business wait and see attitude

if you read newspapers or watch direct mail catalogs, see favorite products in the advertisement, using a mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code to complete the payment immediately, and then wait for the goods to the home, this is not a very good way of shopping? But this sounds very good shopping concept, but it is not so popular.


vice president Chen Shaotao Mcglaughlin’s view, the two-dimensional code is the future development trend of young people and the utilization rate of mobile phone fragments of time will be more and more, the two-dimensional code will be dropped on the shopping share split.


direct mail catalog is an important part of Mcglaughlin’s business, but according to its second quarter earnings, the call center of net operating income was $11 million 400 thousand, compared to the second quarter of 2011 of $14 million 800 thousand decreased by 23.3%, the main reason is the decline in this part of the user to the Internet streaming.

"consumption patterns has become a mobile phone and online shopping, has very few people read magazines to order by encoding, mail order catalog marketing has become a sunset industry, but the industry can not rely on the two-dimensional code Renaissance? This is a question of study and concern." Chen Shaotao said.

is also concerned about the two-dimensional code scanning and B2C shopping site YOHO! There are goods, and other electricity supplier website is not the same, the trend of online shopping mall positioning website, has a circulation of 500 thousand copies of the "YOHO records" as with the trend.

in the "YOHO tide annals" magazine, there are YOHO! Don’t have the goods catalogue books, recommended YOHO to have the goods, the occasional reader! Most of the characteristics of goods, but this is often through the call center to complete orders, sometimes demand had to temporarily deploy call center staff.

is available for YOHO!, maximum freshness of two-dimensional code to bring them "sharing and interaction", the two-dimensional code allows users to experience the next line into online communication channels, such as they have held the activities under the line "Cara’s dream", and the use of online two-dimensional code in the YOHO APP the goods! Complete the ticket.

will use the two-dimensional code shopping, YOHO! There are goods responsible person is considered to be "natural" things "in the actual operation level, we can send the goods SKN number into the corresponding two-dimensional code, and the two-dimensional code in any convenient visual display platform, such as magazines, websites etc., the user can directly enter the goods by scanning the two-dimensional code details page for purchase orders."

In fact,

has a lot of media magazines, electricity providers than these earlier start to explore.

The company "

positioning in the mobile phone scanning shopping platform flash sales, strategic partnership has with Nandu media cluster, front is the magazine, the whole society through the mainstream media, launched its flash shopping mall platform, so that users can in newspapers and magazines, outdoor media and other channels open.

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