n the spring of 2009 payment platform blossom everywhere

in 2008, the third party payment industry has entered a stage of rapid development of hitherto unknown, even in the financial crisis, business setback, scissors third party payment industry is the trend, and the growth momentum can not be stopped.

The first quarter of 2009

in the past, the author found that during this period, a flat out pay sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain whether it is in the website design, or in their promotion, tariff standards and other aspects are similar. From the back, it is undoubtedly a huge market prospects of the third party payment caused by the herd effect. The payment program is copied and sold many sites spread, and even individuals to do a website on business, there is no professional technology development and innovation, be quick market concepts, not even to zero profit earning business, to snatch market share.

high degree of homogeneity of the product by the price competition of the industry, especially some small payment platform, in order to attract businesses, at the proportion has repeatedly raised, then buckle, black list in the background, against the interests of many businesses, but also affect the atmosphere of this industry.

I think the troubled fixed, but surely lay a good foundation for learning and innovation, this is the priority among priorities. The market is not lack of real foundation and innovation of enterprises, in the payment platform is like the traditional industries and crudely made, they do not follow the crowd, but still waters run deep. Which is a typical example of global payments.

global payment as the earlier to the third party payment, composed of cutting-edge Internet entrepreneurs, outstanding financial industry professionals and senior technical personnel. Eric, general manager of the company has long been engaged in the third party payment industry, not only familiar with the core technology of the payment platform, more good at team management, has been emphasizing a low-key, pragmatic philosophy.

in communication with the author, when I asked to "third party payment platform to carry out your blossom everywhere, you grab the market strategy?" this was thirty years old but feels a wise steady calm response director: "in fact, we in the first quarter of 09 years, to slow down the business development the pace of sinking heart to think, and to make strategic adjustment. Compared with the field, sometimes the defense is to better attack. In this adjustment, we strengthen the structure and management of the company, shareholders, in-depth study of the business philosophy, customer oriented enterprise culture, and the business department, customer service department, the system of training; at the same time by the technical department for payment platforms for rectification, especially on the Internet payment platform Wap station and payment platform for the integration of".

I ask "so in the face of the flood, platform competition, the third party payment enterprise profit space and living space more and more narrow, if your company will be worried?" Eric smiled and answered, "there is always the market competition, will have the space, we do not participate in the price to the market battle it is the Red Sea. Our blue ocean strategy

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