Analysis of the electricity supplier and the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional combina


Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma and Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin, in the 2012 annual CCTV China economic annual awards scene around the electricity supplier topic launched a heated debate. Two people for ten years the electricity supplier in the retail market share of more than half can set a billion gamble. Resulting in the electricity supplier can replace the traditional shop operators this topic has become the hottest debate.

Ma Yun: I must say the electricity supplier will win

first, the current e-commerce although competition is fierce, but gradually showed the prosperity of the state, many enterprises test water and electricity is enough to verify success, e-commerce is not now as you feared, will only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

e-commerce in China as early as 1997 has begun, in the computer is not very popular in the era of e-commerce in China began to slowly kicked off. Only two years later, the shop’s prototype 8848 online supermarket has emerged, but also marks the beginning of China’s e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development.

according to today, it will be more than a decade, on the online mall, for example, the country has 4 commercial sites, of which only online stores have more than 700. These online stores do not refer to those loose retailers, but for example, like Taobao is only one, and the seller in Taobao, I do not want to say. With the introduction of a large number of e-commerce projects, almost every day all kinds of e-commerce consulting sites, online stores, online stores, online stores, online auctions and other birth. The electronic commerce application and development zones are developed by border city, began to develop the large and medium-sized inland city. And since 2000, only mainland China online trading volume has reached $40 million, and now only a Taobao, in 2013 has reached to 19 billion 100 million. E-commerce development so fast, has exceeded the original expectations. This is also in the early stages of e-commerce has brought great wealth. Jack ma.

when people began to realize that e-commerce can have so much oil and water, the Chinese e-commerce has already entered the practical stage of development and implementation. And now what are the advantages of e-commerce in the end, so many people hold the same view with Ma

?Advantages of


a huge number of potential customers

will take Taobao as an example, the author I bought a piece of merchandise in a store which, when things get, think of things to buy the real value for money, and logistics is very fast, the seller’s service attitude is very good, when I have what problem, give me timely solutions. Then I became a free agent at the store, and the people around me became potential customers. This is just a simple example, but it illustrates the relationship here. And businesses will be through a variety of marketing methods to explore these potential customers. And these potential customers will not because

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