Taking the battlefield more than micro circle of friends

"derivative" this word, today, if you haven’t heard it used out to describe a school. Some people say that 10 years ago you missed the Alibaba, 5 years ago, miss Taobao, today can not miss the micro business!! in 2013 when the derivative this group officially appeared in WeChat circle of friends, until 2015 the mobile Internet business has been equated with the degree of hot micro business, not just let Ma can’t sleep sleep well is more simple, let us see the rapid development of a new business formats, with WeChat’s popularity has awakened thousands on thousands of young people with the entrepreneurial dream, seize this wave of opportunity, you really can a counter attack, the dream of PC Internet 10 years can not be accomplished.

micro business Xing in the circle of friends

you haven’t done a micro business, but you must have seen micro business, we usually say that the derivative, is in fact those sellers circle of friends, although the way is not the same, is a derivative of the agent under development line, depending on the mode of making money; another is the derivative to direct sellers a person, to make money on product price difference. Rely on the strong relationship between friends and relatives, directly contributed to the transaction, the formation of a new business form.

in fact, before the micro business did not come out, the friends of business who are not in the business of It is quite common for scene, do that? But in the mobile Internet era, why micro business becomes so hot, so behoove it? This and WeChat this communication tool and convenient communication loop attribute the most direct relationship, WeChat provides a micro business development in the soil, WeChat paid under the catalytic Tencent become more unscrupulous


micro business tired in the circle of friends

, however, Mr. E think: micro business circles in the circle of friends, but also bound to circle of friends. Why? You don’t forget, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, the three Internet giants and the properties of their respective areas of expertise, good at Ali electricity supplier, Baidu good search, but the Tencent is also good at socializing, a very powerful social tool is WeChat Tencent qq. WeChat’s attribute and the ultimate objective is the social relations, connections between people, people will ask, why derivative can develop so rapidly? In fact, Tencent official did not expect there will be micro, micro chamber of commerce development to this point today, so far there is no official a good solution to the credit and security issues of micro business, in fact, is not willing to, also have no ability to solve, but also need the help of Tencent group of people active to drive the WeChat channel operation, living by the user to add a commercial label.

why when you tired? Every day to eat something, eat a few months you will not be tired? When you use clean your friends after that, what do you do? Business is the largest market in the circle of friends outside the market, do you agree? So the micro business circle of friends will enter a period of weakness. In 2015 we have to feel the changes in the micro business, micro business is more and more difficult to do.

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