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Lasafo a jumei.com advertising promotion grab the limelight, let the price war spread by B2C books, 3C to the field of cosmetics. Although lefeng.com executives in an interview, do not want to compare to jumei.com, but after no doubt experienced last year’s reshuffle, cosmetics will be more intense competition.

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from the pattern, Lasafo and jumei.com are not the same. Lasafo relying on the Oriental popular entertainer, is exploring a brand + Master economy + agent platform road, while jumei.com is starting from the group purchase brand agents, developed into a shopping mall.

in fact, the music bee network launched the Peach Blossom Festival last year, there is a fixed project in March of each year. But why this year the most important purpose is great in strength and impetus, "user", after all, the lefeng.com and jumei.com are doing business woman, and last month the United States is omnipresent advertising, even CEO Chen Ou out "for his own endorsement".

last year Sina interview lefeng.com CEO Wang Licheng, he had revealed that the agent cosmetics do not make money, so the focus lefeng.com will be its own brand as well as around Master static developed products, and agents of the B2C platform is a "drain effect": to attract users to buy brand agent, and self recommendation the brand to the user, promote the independent brand sales.

is lefeng.com advantages, many programs such as the Oriental fashion’s "beautiful bride", will do to promote good skin care products and Master static characteristics. Why Le bee network need to give their own brand cited flow reason lies in this part of the profits are relatively high, can make up for the loss of agent brand.

it is understood that the current Lasafo has 10 million users, the cumulative purchase of users reached 4 million, while the independent brand total sales volume 30%, Wang Licheng hope that one day in the future this figure can be turned into 70%, and the price war is the best way to attract users in the short term.

Wang Licheng said, every time the price war can have 50% users retained, of course Wang Licheng didn’t expect 100% users to stay, but he hopes the star, the influence on Master expert users, allowing users to stay true.

if Wang Licheng of the "price war" that remains so popular Oriental CEO, Lasafo founder Li Jing seems more "heroic". In her view, this year’s price war is learned from the layman to enter the expert, but today, more aware of how to do".

"we are a bunch of crazy people, if one thing makes us want to understand, we will bite. For example, we do TV now

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