Recommended clothing networking alliance Taobao off spring

because of the recent on-line A5 A5 a special winter Amoy, businesses to attract the eye, he is not a Tmall business but a mall – clothing Networking (, the first feeling, intuitively feel that this site is very atmospheric, behind must have a big operation team in operation. A bit more with the webmaster tools to check the data of this website, shocked, website weight actually 8, good terrorist figures, the daily flow of about 250 thousand of IP forecast.


clothing networking CPS alliance

is now at the end of 13, Ali mother to modify the rule algorithm, large closed account, so many Amoy compatriots broken, but never mind recommend you to choose clothing networking alliance, the same alliance has a variety of products, the second is because the wholesale website has a price advantage.

advantages are as follows:

1 orders customer price is high, the average customer price of $1000, over ten thousand yuan orders common.

2 Commission high. Commission of 6%.

3 settlement cycle fast, once a week settlement

4 Commission is no threshold, how much settlement.

5 transparent operation, no deduction, cookies valid for 30 days, the majority of Internet users are welcome to visit our mode of operation.

6 Station Cross shop settlement, such as the women’s shoes to buy products, also has a commission of


highlights: after registration, improve the information to send 500 yuan cash coupon


completed a series of data


two highlights: invitation registration send 5 yuan reward

invited you to get links is another effective way to commission income, can put the link to the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Q group can even be in the soft, as long as there are people who are registered and verified by the website click on the link, you can get 5 yuan reward each invite < / p>


highlights three: the content of the background report clear, detailed list of products and the details of the promotion profile


four highlights: site activities, such as the 2013 second final stocking Festival, festival and other major thematic activities.

highlights five: settled thousands of businesses>

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