Network network LETV golf hand fire rose Wine combustion Olympic year

after a lapse of one hundred years, once again return to golf, the Rio Olympic Games official event. On the occasion of the new year’s sports network network for the first time in hand LETV golf, bring its own brand "Naynay rose" Landing Golf Show "greens competition". The fire rose blending, blending, Henry guijo – stone tribute dry champagne three global quality wine unveiled the first phase of the program, supporting the spirit of sports, highlighting the true colour of a hero.


(fire rose blend, blending, Henry Gio Ho stone tribute dry champagne debut "greens competition")

"greens competition" is LETV Golf exclusive launch of the Chinese network world first golf show. The "greens competition" rally national mentor team, invited fans participate in depth, experience of entertainment sports interest and professional sports spirit in green game, became one of the show, the highest value of Yan tutor’s most international.


("green competition" Teacher Chang drinking)

was in full swing, swing open drinking, become a major feature of "green competition" program. The fire rose Naynay Wine South American hegemony, new world class benchmark winery dry exposure group jointly launched the network network with CP2C mode Wine products, own brand products is the core network network. The fire rose Naynay with smooth texture, excellent taste experience, have guests praise.

network network said, interactive experience from watching to participate, then, the breadth and depth of national participation in sports development, network network hope and "green" wine for hegemony "+" depth, with a global selection of products and services of the ecological experience, China golf lovers better.

coincides with the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games this year, but also the first year after the Olympic Games to return to the Olympic games. Undoubtedly, this will open a new era of ecological sports.

"Naynay rose" as one of the core network network own brand products, has opened the screen mode. This year, in addition to the fire rose "sword of the Han cloud", "grandma said," such as different types of content reached IP anti ecological, will, and a more powerful anti sports content. With the music as a whole ecological resources, fire rose Naynay is expected to become the next phenomenal ecological IP products.

In addition to

, another private network network brand — "ecological Grote beer" Gloryt also frequently and the Super League, European Cup and other sporting events IP, attract users with powerful content viscosity and brand extension value.

analysts said, product +IP gives the product brand more powerful vitality. Network network with flowers television, LETV, music as sports, music, film music as multiple music music as ecological plate to reach collaboration, "Da IP+ Da >

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