New trees flower HC can still no meal

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when Ali fully transferred to B2C and C2C mass consumer electricity supplier business, B2B this is far from the people’s vision of the market is shining second spring.

Comtech core city electricity supplier B2B

focused on the IC components of the landing in Hong Kong, B2B open data platform Marco Polo by Tencent Department of Southern China City Investment Network veteran B2B platform and Alibaba against HC from the years of Hongkong GEM listed on the main board to a series of events in the release of a strong signal: B2B market is being ushered in the spring of second. Enterprise business market is seriously underestimated bonanza. Huicong net transfer listed on the main board and clearly will adhere to and deep ore B2B.

To seize the second spring flowers open new

tree, ups and downs of the HC,

has been able to eat?

venture to the motherboard, and so on for 11 years


is one of the oldest Internet Co China. Founded in 1992, formerly known as HC print media business based on B2B media, began to try the Internet business in the first wave of the Internet wave, under the reformist CEO Guo Jiang led to the full realization of the transformation of the internet. In 2003 the landing HKEx gem from 1 yuan more than the opening price to a few cents trough and then to a maximum 20 yuan price peak, behind the capital HC striking one snag after another reaction caused by multiple transformation.

listed on the main board, HC is more strategy and action level of capital. HC CEO Guo Jiang said, after enter the board will enhance the company’s image, increase the liquidity of the stock, the company after the growth, financial flexibility, business development and other aspects there are many benefits to the board will also get more investors and institutions. In short, this will have the opportunity to let HC to raise more funds to support business bigger and stronger. However, like Ali left Hongkong New York, from this transfer board is still full of symbolic meaning: stick to the B2B market but will choose more suitable for the new environment of the play.


in the past 22 years has been to adhere to the B2B market, has experienced from the printing business to the transformation of media based on Internet service providers B2B business information pages based on now defines several core strategies: vertical roots, trading and horizontal integration, these three points are linked together, strong funds support. Each point can make the glow spring, even a recycling of hc.

three strategies, against second spring

at HC history, no one can deny it missed a lot of chances. For example, failed to timely and complete the transformation of the Internet by Ali B2B and B2B to focus catch up from behind, such as C2C, B2C and the means of payment is not cold "missing" consumer electricity supplier big cake. History is difficult to comment on the wrong road, HC is full of ups and downs, some people said it is too slow, but don’t forget in the face of Ali so subversive, under the impact of the Internet wave it survived, it is focused on core skills.


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