The cross border electricity supplier re export tax rebate policy support into the biggest handicap

May foreign trade growth rate double down the news just came soon, the foreign trade industry will once again usher in policy support.

June 10th, make further deployment of the State Council executive meeting, to promote the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, "Internet plus foreign trade to achieve better into the excellent. This will undoubtedly help to expand consumption, promote the upgrading of the open economy, to create a new economic growth point.

and on the day before, in June 9th, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba in the United States, "Wall Street journal" published on the website called "China will become the next hope of SMEs in the United States," an open letter. Ma introduced the letter for the first time in the United States of America’s Alibaba strategy – to help SMEs in the United States linked to the global electricity supplier ecology, as well as China’s largest consumer market in the world.

in fact, this year, cross-border electricity supplier has been the policy behind the area, and the State Council meeting again for the "building blocks", no doubt for the development of cross-border electricity supplier adds a fire.

cross-border electricity supplier rapid growth of

According to reported at the meeting, Li Keqiang said that cross-border electricity is not a simple "domestic people buy foreign goods", a large number of enterprises is the import and export business, is to use "Internet plus foreign trade", "excellent into the excellent", driven by the store and the development of the factory. At the same time, it will effectively promote employment.

prior to the visit, Li Keqiang had specifically asked the staff to understand the development of e-commerce in various countries, by contrast, found that foreign e-commerce is not as good as the domestic development".

"website of the whole world is only 5% Chinese website, but in e-commerce, we are releasing tremendous creativity!" Li Keqiang said, "so, why don’t we let them try, try again, the cross-border e-commerce really drive up


in fact, the past two years, the traditional foreign trade growth is weak, more and more enterprises will focus on cross-border electricity supplier.

has engaged in foreign trade for nearly 10 years of tension, happened to turn the world upside down changes in recent years on her way to work, before traveling between the world exposition, hoping to gains more orders in the exhibition, and now she put more effort on the cross-border B2B (business to business) platform.

Where the enterprise is Zhejiang

tension in a wedding dress company, the company about $3 million in exports last year, with more than half is achieved through cross-border electronic business platform.

more and more traditional foreign trade enterprises as tension as choose to embrace the Internet, once the foreign customer orders and concentration, for upstream enterprises of batch production, and now the order is small and scattered, the production chain tends to be fine. Cross border e-commerce is undoubtedly an effective way to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises stock orders fragmentation, brand manufacturers incremental sales channels.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that 2>

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