Good music to buy push two shoes policy online sales is the user experience

times of the fable, he learned that from primary school textbooks, think is ridiculous, the Zheng people believe scale, do not believe that the real feet shod, fable eventually tell people to focus on the fact that is not an option. And now people, a lot of the scale is more accurate, but most people still pay more attention to the actual experience, want to buy shoes online, but also worry about the right shoes?

because of this, the China online shoe good music to buy has launched the "two shoes policy", that is to say consumers buy shoes in the mall, the size is not determined, can also choose two yards in the online shoe, cash on delivery, receipt of goods on the left, right, and the other two return the cost by good music to buy bear. Such a message is indeed a boon for consumers, but relative to the industry in terms of peer competition, but it is another challenge. B2C competition will become more and more intense, and now it seems, the user experience is the most important site to fight each other.

now before the return logistics cost or super cost

"Freight increased by 75%, and more out of a pair of shoes on the way back and forth in the distribution, but also equivalent to reducing the chance of a sale." Good music to buy CEO Li Shubin this sentence directly out of such a policy to increase the number of costs in it. Think about it, before the customer purchase without such a policy, I believe the delivery are in accordance with the requirements of number of delivery, and try to finish after the change is not appropriate to retreat, which return on the Internet, but can not find the relevant data, to know such a thing. But now say the policy for China consumers, "safe" the words are common, many consumers are more willing to try, anyway, not the burden of their own freight, why worry? And in the purchase of the crowd, don’t say much, just ten of the five or six, may take two pairs to try then, the logistics cost and the opportunity cost of it, I believe than the cost of return, ifheavier.

here, but not so simple comparison, in today’s delivery is to increase the cost for the customer experience, as can be imagined, beer marketing, and then to the turnover rate of the account, the absolute value of


will cause other mall to emulate

is now the country’s B2C is almost unprofitable public facts, can be even so, each business enterprise has its own dream! Mcglaughlin could become the first B2C listed company, Ali group has a big Taobao plan, Baidu cool days of cooperation with Japan also has the potential to the international…… These plans, these companies guide the growth of China’s e-commerce, but at the same time, these companies also compete with each other warmly. Take "the free" policy that, in 2007 of excellence to provoke "the free shipping" in late October 2008, Dangdang also chose to adopt the policy, and then Jingdong, all passengers also launched the free shipping policy, although this strategy in these big B2C mall, sometimes change or, what a single customer.

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