Taobao broadcast on the business impact See the official say

After the rise of

broadcast, the major electricity providers have also started to try the platform, which is the most interesting should be Taobao live.

insiders believe that live have become the new traffic entrance, so as a large-scale integrated business platform must be involved, not letting the flow of dividends by broadcast platform outside the station divvy up, and eventually by the constraints. If Taobao does not live, the flow of the loss of the entrance, when it can only seek for each broadcast platform."


Taobao live page

Taobao live on the line, a large number of businesses have tried to use new marketing methods to spread their products and brands. But the contrast is also a large number of businesses are still hesitant, watching the live broadcast of this new form of marketing conversion rate etc..

a senior retail bluntly, live this form for the brands of instant production ability content is greatly enhanced, but also need some financial entities, this is a big seller shuffle and upgrade the game, not what relations and small sellers. So a lot of small sellers can not understand, but also can not do, and many large sellers have been ahead of the layout."

but there are businessmen do not agree with this view. Direct broadcast service is only for specific populations, may be hot for a while, but it is difficult to long-term sustainability. So Taobao broadcast business impact on the business is not so big."

in the face of all kinds of voice and speech outside, is how to treat the live business itself? Billion state power network and Taobao live the day before the person in charge of in-depth communication. The following information according to the communication content.

billion state power network: Taobao live development for the future is how


Taobao live person in charge: we hope that Taobao’s consumer ecological live, "social preheating, live interactive Taobao transaction mode, is the fans attribute anchor, these three attributes attribute and transaction attribute interaction can do it.


live there will be three latitude from the anchor form, one is in the grassroots ecological latitude, second star anchors, third is the Reds owner.

at present, shops, micro Amoy, live square and advertising traffic, has been circulating around the contents of the live up, can be used as a live synchronization of all resources.

billion state power network: Taobao how to broadcast the contents of the layout, through what content to attract users to

?Person in charge: Taobao

Taobao live broadcast live as a consumer, its content is a long tail, the distribution of various consumer areas such as KOL, Red Star Village, and other groups: Master can teach you a variety of beauty collocation knowledge, we are still the same extended overseas broadcast, so that consumers can find a variety of global the good stuff, in South Korea shopping.

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