Big data mining for the electricity market escort

Taobao launched the ten year · time activities to help customers review the history of the past ten years, according to each customer’s online shopping habits, customized commodity recommendation list…… This activity, the quantitative data of the word to the vivid expression of the way to the public.

With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, more and more people pay attention to the role of

in the electricity supplier market. Precise marketing mode based on data analysis, can maximize the dig and retain the potential customers, data statistics and analysis for electricity market breakthrough immeasurable — in the era of big data, everything can be "quantified", data mining and service become the cloud computing after a hot, behind the seemingly ordinary small numbers, there are unlimited business opportunities.

What is

data mining?

data mining is also called data mining, data mining, generally refers to data from a large number of automatic search hidden process with a special relationship of information. Data mining is a process of decision support, which is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, database and visualization techniques, highly automated analysis of business data, make inductive reasoning, dig out potential models, help the decision maker to adjust marketing strategy, reduce risk and make the right decision making.

big data behind the business opportunities

reporter from the full development of e-commerce 366ec Department Mr. LAN understand the practical significance of large data mining e-commerce. He said: "the mining and analysis of massive data, habits and psychological changes can help our customers own multi dimension Statistics website users, for customers to provide a basis for the implementation of promotional strategies, interact and communicate effectively between help customers and consumers." Mr. Lan also increase contrast data to show reporters large data mining impact on the stability of the Amazon, the explosive growth of the Jingdong and Amazon’s profit, "the Jingdong mall in recent years the rapid growth of sales, but net profit has continued to decline, and even negative growth, while Amazon relies on statistics and accurate data analysis, the continuous development of information consumer demand is hidden, in 20% groups of consumers on the profit reached 80%."

electricity supplier era data first

and hishop 366ec compared to shopex, although the show is a new beginning, but the housekeeper as small and medium-sized enterprise management software NO.1, laid the foundation for scientific management of 366ec shopping mall, mall system homogenization can be said that the current market of electronic commerce services more serious problem, but this is the homogenization of all walks of life can’t escape the dilemma. But the reporter learned from Mr. Xie 366ec development manager understands, "although the current electricity supplier market prosperity hidden homogenization crisis, but as long as the attention to detail, pay attention to data mining information, become the dark horse of the electricity supplier market is still possible."

he also said: "know"

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