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30 minutes sink into the four or five tier cities

text / Feng Huakui

have you ever thought, if WeChat’s circle of friends advertising content is to recruit micro distribution, rather than a burst of brand advertising form, the result will be?

of course, you must have a BMW counter filled with righteous indignation to recruit distributors,


you see, I did not say let BMW do micro distribution, if it is a cosmetic brand?……

don’t think this is a very distant thing, a Japanese giant has been discussed with the pat micro shop, how to use the fast sinking channel differential pin, down three to five line city, even the township market.

differential pin channel sink, you should not have heard the word, you have not heard is that the sinking speed can be achieved in 30 minutes.

you may feel very surprised, but is actually very simple, last month, pat micro shop made a micro business partner recruitment, recruitment of 10 thousand people in 17 minutes! Their analysis found that more than 10 thousand people, the vast majority are three lines, four lines, five lines, a few the second big city.

this feature is particularly suitable for the development of the Japanese giant channels to sink, with the reputation of the giant, 30 minutes to recruit tens of thousands of micro business team, the problem is not.

there are micro business will have sales? Not necessarily!

but if the mode of operation of the micro pressure layers of goods distribution, the Japanese brand giants face where to put? Do the three means of abuse.

has a micro business team is the most important to allow micro business to play, rather than layers of goods. Pat in the mobile terminal to try a new play – cheap shot, a professional term called micro group, simply that many people into groups, can enjoy discount.

This "cheap shot"

with the biggest difference of Taobao Juhuasuan is not a limited time whenever and wherever possible to group, as long as you can find a partner and group purchase on the line, not a series of cost Taobao Juhuasuan.

and there’s a value. Ten thousand micro business partners circle of friends by an average of 100 people, then the impact is that the people of the one million.

so, micro channel is not only a channel ecosystem, but also change the spread of ecology.

What is the



30 minutes to achieve channel sink, has enough horror, but pat micro shop responsible person Guo Bin told with electricity providers, they have a more new gameplay, that is to do business O2O micro Qipai menswear.

first put their shopping become micro business, each guide a pat micro shop, work, after work, in the shop sellers, their use of leisure time micro shop sellers, bring order, >

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