The next Unicorn love bee was named China’s annual innovation and development of the top 100 compani

recently, sponsored by the entrepreneur "in search of a unicorn" entrepreneur 100 future leaders summit and the 2015 entrepreneur will be held in Beijing, O2O love bee with fresh electricity supplier community high growth business model and enterprise China innovation, was named entrepreneur "Chinese innovation growth company of the year 100" the enterprise, to enter the ranks of quasi Unicorn Internet Co.


consumer upgrade field will be born unicorn enterprise

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CEO of South Lixin entrepreneur, entrepreneur for seventh consecutive years to launch the "China annual innovation growth of 100 list, two indexes have been selected in the most important is the" high growth "and" high value ", to selected begun Unicorn enterprise property Internet Co. Today Unicorn Jingdong, millet, drops, etc. have appeared in this list. These 4 areas more than 60% of the 100 companies 2015 annual innovation growth enterprises from consumption upgrading, business services, Internet banking, automobile transportation and logistics, this is the 4 hottest and most likely the birth of Unicorn innovation direction. The list of enterprises is accelerating the love of fresh bee in city life, consumption upgrade increasingly urgent needs of the market environment to grow up fast, to create 19 months to achieve 100 times the growth of the O2O community quickly occupied the leading position in the industry.


love the convenience of the new urban convenience store

O2O love fresh bee community business since its inception in May 2014, with a fresh delicacy for the city to provide express service hours by the urban young people love. At the same time, love fresh bee upgrade, cooperative community convenience store operation technology upgrades, service upgrades, to embrace the Internet community convenience store, improve operational capability, create a shared economic temperature, also won the recognition of partners. Love fresh bee high growth more favored by the capital, even in the "winter capital" of 2015, love fresh bee still completed two rounds of financing, C round of the capital, venture capital, it day figure capital and Sequoia Capital and other investment institutions $70 million financing. Today, the rapid deployment of the layout of the country, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, 16 cities, such as the user, the user amount of up to about 10000000, whether it is the pace of development or financing accounted for a leading position in the industry.

now by the industry and user acceptance of fresh bee love adhere to hard skills, launched the "bee storm plan", to the commodity supply chain and further combing, create fresh direct mining brand "bee seeking", and constantly upgrade logistics links, focus on building products and services promotion, let users enjoy trying to achieve 30 million 30 minutes to speed delivery service, in the original 1 hour flash based delivery of further escalation, and greater efforts to expand the market, maintain the industry leader status, realize the brand a comprehensive upgrade.

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