The United States 4 15 welfare day to attack the Chinese finance allows you to buy 0

as the largest home appliance retail chain, Gome’s stores nationwide 256 City, and has 542 non-listed company, Gome electronic commerce website launched in 2011 to e-commerce a new mode of "B2C+ store" to run in 2015, Gome holdings and investment fund, Shenzhen Hua Sheng Jiaxuan investment, investment trendsetter together to create Internet financial platform – Chinese Finance (, a high degree of attention this one-stop full range of innovative Internet financial services platform will be available by many investment groups, only the United States in March Chinese financial platform turnover exceeded six hundred million yuan mark.


it is understood that the 4.15 day return to the United States low welfare has long supported the development of Gome brand new and old customers and friends of employees, but also to a number of United States business cooperation, enterprises and institutions and numerous United States member friends offer a long-awaited shopping feast! The most attractive price, best quality quality, the most personalized shopping experience and perfect customer service service, all 4.15 of all in the United States cheap welfare

day!This activity is not

gimmicky advertising marketing model, in addition to enjoy a series of activities during the period of household goods low value of benefits, Gome has also launched a buy air conditioning can enjoy free high-altitude operation, free wall drilling six free installation service; buy cooker, lampblack machine can obtain Huimin subsidies 50-300 yuan; the market value of 180 the check valve is to return to Yuan beauty wayward send! 4.15 Gome low welfare day is not a performance, not only direct advertising and public relations, love to serve many old and new friends, attentive service and the whole network price than fists striking out Gome solemnly promises not only to return the difference, but the price of Paul will continue to 51!

It is reported that

, Beijing time on April 15th morning 9 pm, Gome 4.15 super low welfare will be simultaneously open nationwide, massive household appliances prices dropped to the freezing point, huge benefit activities in waves, the event will be admission, participants can do first in the United States looking for relatives and friends or go to consultation. Gome supermarkets receive tickets.

at the same time, you can also experience the United States Chinese financial platform extraordinary strength, after the choice of home appliance supermarkets in the United States, the United States to download Chinese financial platform APP client, then become a member in the register for free, with white to get coupons buy 0 yuan purchase of financial products, and then to the password for your favorite appliances in, sitting on a network of financial investment return at the same time, more free home appliances let you take home. April 15th, the United States super welfare day wonderful you absolutely can not be missed!

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