Give the domain name support Wahaha protection of national brand users to Zong

Wahaha and Danone case is the current hot sectors when a domain name investors to the registration of the domain name free donation to Mr. Zong Qinghou, in this way, the full support of Zong Qinghou, in the hope that he and Danone in the contest to win.

now the domain name to a simple web page, which is written to support Mr. Zong Qinghou’s words and domain name registrant contact method.

home page screenshot

announced by the above contact, the reporter contacted the domain name registration of Mr. Zhang, "Wahaha and Danone lawsuit, not ordinary business disputes, but related to the national food safety problem. Involved in the problem, not for the sake of their own interests, but the national food and beverage industry in the living space. As an ordinary people, the unconditional support of Mr. Zong Qinghou. Wahaha in Chinese hands, we dare to drink pure water." Mr. Zhang gave us his idea.

is currently the Wahaha company has yet to respond on the matter, reporters will continue to follow-up reports.

Zong Qinghou resume

MBA, senior economist, Zhejiang University distinguished instructor, the ten National People’s congress. Born in Hangzhou in October 1945; in 1991, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. and served as chairman and general manager, head of Chinese beverage industry first.

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