Business investment strategy Ali non accused of confusing prospects into confusion

[Abstract] American investment tycoon Daniel Loeb and Soros et al., have sold some or all of the Alibaba stock.

Tencent Francisco Alibaba’s share price plummeted, even break, the former star company Zhongxingpengyue listed, has fallen from the altar. Bloomberg News Agency quoted analysts pointed out that in the market after the collapse, investors can not see the future growth prospects of the Alibaba, other analysts also pointed out that criticism in the electronic commerce, outside the non core business investment Alibaba, some of the actions and cannot read a decision.


at the time of listing, Alibaba on behalf of the Chinese e-commerce concept, the highest record of financing of listed companies, listed within two months, the stock soared by 76%.

but now, Alibaba has fallen to $128 billion market capitalization. Investors suffered losses.

The United States

the Atlantic securities analyst James Cordwell said Chinese slowdown in economic growth, will at least bring disaster to the e-commerce market in 2016, which will affect the Alibaba, Alibaba also many investment and cooperation deal, take a long time to be able to see the rewards and effect.

, the analyst said that all operating indicators Alibaba earnings, are moving in the wrong direction". In the United States Alibaba stock investors that can succeed before the stock bottomed, the outlook is still very confused.

of course, Wall Street and investors feel, and priority among priorities is not Alibaba head Ma Yun. As early as the listing, Ma said publicly that the priority is the priority of Alibaba customers, employees, shareholders ranked third.

Ma Yun does not want short-term fluctuations in Alibaba shares, interfere with its long-term business development plan.

Alibaba in the electronic commerce, but in the Chinese Internet domain, BAT Alibaba also began to a situation of tripartite confrontation, e-commerce outside the field expansion, has announced a $15 billion investment transactions.

Alibaba, many of the investment in line with the strategic development goals, to be recognized by Wall Street. But some investment transactions so that the outside world is very puzzling, as shares of a Guangzhou football club, has become a Chinese intelligent mobile phone manufacturers of small shareholders, the Alibaba also began to enter the entertainment and film production field, but did not make a profit.

Arete research services company in Hongkong analyst Li Muzhi said: "the Alibaba’s investment strategy often make people very much puzzled." He said that when Alibaba’s core business performance is good, for the future development of investment is no problem, but when the business continues to make such an investment is not very smart behavior.

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