B2C online shopping good user experience is king

with the rapid development of B2C e-commerce industry, more and more B2C companies and companies realize the great value and practical significance of the user experience. But how to the point of view of the system, the user experience through the work of the whole work of the B2C, the driving force network marketing consultant today to talk about this issue.

user experience definition:

Baidu Encyclopedia of the user experience is described in this way. User experience, English User Experience: is a purely subjective in the user to use a product (service) in the process of building up the psychological feelings. Because it is purely subjective, with a certain degree of uncertainty. Individual differences also determine the real experience of each user can not be completely simulated or reproduced by other means. But for a clear definition of the user groups, the user experience is the common nature of the experiment can be designed to realize.

More than

on the user marketing description, and the emerging marketing theory marketing market is currently in "experience marketing" in essence is the same. Experience marketing is an enterprise through the way of observation, so that the target customers, and try to listen to try, to experience the enterprises to provide products or services to customers, quality or performance of the actual perception of the product or service, a marketing way to promote customer cognition, preferences and purchase. User experience, in fact, to a large extent is a kind of experience marketing.

The "user experience" of

B2C website is composed of the experience of technological innovation, the experience of functional design, the experience of perception, the experience of thinking, the experience of association and the emotional experience. How to effectively improve the level of user experience of B2C enterprise is the key problem of B2C enterprise. The following driving force network marketing consultant on the experience of marketing in a highly detailed talk about this issue.

a, online experience

B2C enterprise marketing platform and carrier is the site, so the site’s functionality, pages, service experience is the most important.

1, registration procedures should be simple: do not advocate too much too cumbersome registration form. In the initial registration, can be simple and convenient. We advocate 30 second registration. For other less important registration information, you can then add a user account. In the user name, I advocate the e-mail registration law, which has many advantages, the future of the effective benefits of a lot of mail.

2: ordering features and processes to be convenient:

ordering processes must be simple, easy, fast, Rongfan order will let the person have the urge to quit. The website should provide two modes of registration and registration.

in the view of goods, comparison of goods, order process (registration, not registered), discount discount after a single product price calculation, shopping cart goods, the amount of statistics, orders and other aspects of the abolition and conversion to be concise and practical.

3, page level to simplify:


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