Groupon layoffs to improve the quality of business transactions said the lack of fixed customers

October 27th news, according to Reuters, Groupon CEO Andrew · (Andrew Mason); Masson IPO said Wednesday to potential investors, the group purchase website will eliminate 10% of the worst sales staff, to win a better business transaction, to ensure that the company can continue to grow.

Mason said the move will improve the quality of the transaction provided. According to the prospectus, the current total number of Groupon global sales of more than 4800 people. As of September 30th, the number of users reached 143 million, but in the third quarter, only 30 million users use the service. Although repeat customers rose in the second quarter, but only about 16 million.

Some businesses complained that

Groupon, the company did not help them win fixed customers, but only to see some cheap buyers to start. In the IPO roadshow, a portfolio manager believes that these complaints about the company’s ability to continue to grow. But, don’t think so. He described the Groupon approach on Wednesday, saying it was "risk-free performance marketing".

Mason also said that the steady flow of new businesses can bring a better user experience, should be biased in favor of new businesses rather than retain the old business. In this regard, Groupon spokesman declined to comment.

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