Dangdang book sales in 2016 with 14 billion models into a best selling book

January 9th, the theme of the new Dangdang new journey – to reshape the order to create value in the 2017 Dangdang publications supplier conference held in beijing. The national 1000 books publishing house, the industry elite gathered, review 2016, outlook 2017, explore the new pattern of the publishing industry, new retail, new marketing, in order to promote the new wave of domestic reading. Dangdang CEO and co-founder Li Guoqing, vice president and general manager of publications division, such as a speech delivered by the president, such as Chen Lijun.


according to Analysys International data show that the steady improvement of 2016 online publication market, online book retail market structure tends to be stable. Dangdang to more than 45% of the market share ranking the book market of the crown, even more than in the online retail Book Second, third of the total, is the largest retail platform Chinese hundred-percent books.


data show that in 2016 Dangdang book sales price of about 14 billion, sales of 1 million 100 thousand varieties, accounting for over 70% of the wireless. 2016 Dangdang billion club suppliers 28, annual sales of more than 10 thousand books of the 4967. "The kite runner" millions of copies in the 2016 bestseller, "grief grocery shop" "we SA (New Edition)" as the runner up.

as of 2016, Dangdang accumulated more than 200 million customers. 2016 Dangdang full year book active customers more than 30 million, per capita purchase frequency of 3.5 times, customer contribution grew by 10%.

read the new era

Dangdang CEO, co-founder Li Guoqing, this is the best time to read. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to promote national reading "and" promote the national quality and the degree of social civilization and improve "as the" 13th Five-Year "period of important work. "National reading" 13th Five-Year "period of development planning" as China’s first national custom "Nationwide Reading" plan before the date of publication, is a milepost event nationwide reading. As a full range of products to provide reading (paper books, children’s books, e-books), the whole platform reading services (PC, mobile terminal, physical bookstore), brings together the country’s largest reading enthusiasts platform, Dangdang inspired. "Planning" has a lot of measures, Dangdang has been doing, in 2017 Dangdang hope that the coalition government and organizations from all walks of life, the use of their own advantages, to create a new era of universal reading.

"Dangdang in 2016 to promote universal reading, there are several representative events." Vice president and general manager of Dangdang publications division Chen Lijun said, the World Book Day Dangdang daily subscribe price of about 300 million, the number of customers surged 10 times, more than 200 large V forwarding activities, creating nearly 5 million of the amount of reading, covering 140 million fans, more than double the performance last year for the first time in 11. Only rely on the books of a category, Dangdang ignites national consumer enthusiasm, which marks the reading needs as the basic necessities of life as the basic needs of the people.

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