Ali adjust organizational structure Tmall and Juhuasuan official fit

Abstract: the Tmall, Juhuasuan organization will open up the business, marketing and operations and other aspects of the new retail business upgrade and layout.



] titanium integrated media (December 2nd) at noon today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong in a letter to declare open letter to employees, Tmall and Juhuasuan will be fully integrated team team. Tmall will set up three business group, marketing platform division and operation center, Bianzhen to "two vertical and three horizontal" collaborative network of new architecture with several independent division. The Tmall, Juhuasuan organization will open up the business, marketing and operations and other aspects of the new retail business upgrade and layout.

"three" respectively in the FMCG industry group (including Tmall supermarket, beauty care, food, fresh and maternal Tmall business), business group (including home appliances, home appliances city Tmall beauty business), apparel business group (including men and women’s clothes, bags and shoes, underwear accessories, jewelry and other business) as the core, to provide one-stop business Internet solutions for businesses.

is a "two horizontal" will integrate Tmall marketing department, Juhuasuan marketing platform division, provide the product effect one of global marketing services for businesses; two is the establishment of the operation center, business management, and Tmall platform level membership management, rules management and resource management, enhance the operational efficiency of all businesses in the front the background.

Zhang Yong stressed in the internal letter, we have to deal with the pain points encountered in the development of our platform, unified the entire retail platform for customer service strategy. We want to make a group like a person’s action as smooth coordination, to serve customers."

at the same time, Tmall will continue to implement small class leadership responsibility system, the original Juhuasuan business manager Liu Bo (nickname: Home Luo) into Tmall small class. The person in charge of two vertical and three horizontal "respectively, Indian Wells, Jing Jie Liu Xiuyun (nickname: Martin), Liu Bo (nickname: LOS), Qin Jianfeng (nickname: Tendenci), the future will be with the Tmall mobile phone business, Tmall international, Ali automobile independent plate to Tmall small Banwei report. In addition to the field involved in the three major business groups, Tmall international, Tmall mobile phones and other services to maintain the original structure and reporting lines unchanged.

to the integration of the rapid upgrading of consumer goods group as an example. Alibaba group vice president Jing Jie will dominate the Tmall "big FMCG" strategy, Tmall beauty care, food, fresh and maternal Tmall business person in charge directly to Jing Jie. Tmall supermarket business management by Jing jie. Tmall’s former general manager of the supermarket in CEO River office, with its rich experience in the retail industry, and assist CEO on layout planning for the new retail. (titanium Media Editor Cai Di reports)

is the following Zhang Yong internal letter:

on Tmall, Juhuasuan’s decision to upgrade the organization

Tmall, Juhuasuan students:


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