Webmaster should choose a suitable domain name

webmaster network users is to do the basic station, which is the webmaster. But some of the domain name is too much junk. Although good rice is almost gone. But I believe a good domain name is yet to be discovered. Please do the dumpster across


what is a good domain name? This question is hard to answer. Here are some of my personal views.

first, the length of the domain name.

everybody knows. But I personally think. Length is not a key factor restricting domain name. A 6 or 7 meter meter. Absolute 2 meters than the 3 bit meaningless record. For example. Alibaba.com 7. Typical Pinyin rice. Alibaba is a famous businessman. When we were young, we heard. Just remember. Instead。 Some two or 3. Nothing to remember. Like 1R.com ZVK.com.


. Personally think that from the point of view of doing stand. Domain length is not critical. Of course。 Under the same conditions. For example. Under the premise of good record. Or a short good.

second, the meaning of domain names.

from the point of view to do stand. The meaning of the best domain name and your station is a certain relationship. For example. Your domain name for caipu.com so do a recipe related website is best. However, if you do a medical, or IT aspects of the station, is not very inappropriate?

third, domain name composition.

domain name is very important.

1, if it is a navigation station. Because you are the primary user of Internet users. Best use of pure digital domain name. No more than 5. Because Chinese people are very sensitive to numbers. And easy to remember. There is no technical content of the navigation station, allowing users to remember how important your domain name ah. Such 265.com

2, industry station. Industry stand personally think it is best to use pinyin domain name. For example, you do the packaging. So what a great thing you do with a baozhuang.com. In the same industry. Very easy to remember the rice. Domain names are not recommended for use in this industry. Unless you’re a foreigner. For words. Chinese people are still quite cold. Most people can’t remember the words. If you don’t believe. Ask the people around you. Especially over 30 years old. Words for them. Horrible. Professional is not kazakhstan.


3, IT station. IT or Internet station. I think you can use creative domain name. IT people are very sensitive to creativity. The idea can be letters and numbers. For example, im286.com Admin5, etc., can be a pure letter, such as sina.com can word + pinyin. For example. Chinaren studa new>

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