Jingdong naichabiao domain name has nothing to do with me

tea sister broke up with Liu Qiangdong? Although this news has not been confirmed by the parties, but the last two days or in micro-blog scraper.

thing is the cause of Liu Qiangdong announced love that micro-blog disappeared, and tea sister micro-blog content was completely emptied.

this morning, more miraculous rumors appeared. Micro-blog said on the news that Liu Qiangdong won the naichabiao.com this domain name, if you visit the domain name will jump directly to Jingdong.

rumors spread nearly a day after the time, Jingdong finally sit still. Micro-blog has just released a statement saying that there is no relationship between the naichabiao.com domain name and Jingdong, Jingdong technology has been the domain name of the Jingdong’s jump to the shield.

As for the

tea sister and Liu Qiangdong is breaking up, the Jingdong is not expressly.


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