How to buy foreign virtual host

1, the first proposal is to ask. Buy virtual host can not look at and compare the service provider to provide host characteristics. They are much better. So, before you buy it, ask some questions, not only can see the pre-sale service providers (don’t forget before many businesses selling and selling after different conditions), and can get more about the status of the virtual host.

– your company provide virtual hosting service for how long?What is your company’s

– where the data center?

– your statistics are running status?

– my account is easy to upgrade, and the related expenses will happen?How many people are there in

– if you can provide a speed test system for file download address?

– you have no refund guarantee?

– you have not running guarantee, if there is a server running guarantee or network guarantee?

– whether you have a regular backup service, or I’m responsible for backup?

– your company provides to the host to limit the program?

2, view the company’s domain name registration is valid. If it is less than the time you want to work on the site, it’s best to ask. For this, I’m going to rule it out. In particular, those who have just registered and registered only one year of service stations.

3, be sure to read carefully the terms of service providers. The merchant is so, always put the attractive side of presentation, such as home service providers advertise a dollar a month to capacity for the virtual host 1000MB, but in fact the price is $27 for 6 months, of which the first three months of $26, three months after the gift, expired again to restore the original price. There are many domestic service providers will be a number of special charges written in small places. So, must be better than they do.

5, don’t be too greedy. First determine how much space and the amount of traffic and willingness to pay the highest price, take these indicators to find service providers. Do not see some cheap and large advertising on the temporary change the results may suffer. Really, enough on the line, such as the need for 200MB, 1000MB is not a waste of it? It is best to provide a wide range of options to choose from, the user can choose from the beginning, with the prosperity of the site, and then upgrade not later.

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