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"as soon as the prime minister asked, ‘what is the creation of a customer’, I explained to him, ‘creating a customer is actually a technology innovator of the people’. I have firewood "everyone firewood high flame" concept was introduced to him. The prime minister said, ‘well, I’ll give you another piece of firewood.’. Subsequently, the prime minister into maxspace, with interest to see the humanoid robot development team ai.frame three teams." Pan Hao Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to the scene is still fresh.

at the beginning of January, Li Keqiang by surprise visit to Shenzhen overseas Chinese town is located at the creative park firewood record passenger space. In those days the TV screen, a prime minister gestures introduced young people very attractive. He is Si (seeed studio) handed technology founder Pan Hao and firewood record passenger space.

China hit off the name of Pan Hao is no stranger to. His experience is legendary: from the resignation of Intel to venture in Shenzhen, the founder of silicon delivery technology is committed to providing customers with open source technology and modules to provide proofing and small batch manufacturing services to help create a customer into a reality. Silicon technology has become the world’s largest, the world’s top three open source hardware manufacturers.


sea trade: what do you do at the beginning of the creation of the heart is what


Pan Hao: I love "toss" all kinds of electronic products, "often burn out the motherboard" in college general to attend the electronic design contest, with a variety of inventions. After graduation to enter the Intel work, in such a large enterprise work, can see 10 years later, too safe, so I resigned. At that time, I saw an art exhibition on the new media in The National Gallery, which gave me the idea of hardware business. Later came into contact with the foreign open source hardware community, where a lot of people know.

to Arduino as the representative of the open source hardware, the lack of professional background who can get rid of the shackles, layman can realize his own creativity through the open source hardware. Customer service is the initial goal of silicon technology. At that time, silicon handed technology into an almost new field, basically no domestic open-source hardware manufacturers, hoping to use 35 years to live well, for the company can do much was not the end. Entrepreneurship early heart and do what we like to do. After so many years of development, the whole direction of the development of silicon technology and the positioning of customer service has not changed, but now the management efficiency of silicon technology is greatly improved compared with the previous.

sea trade: do you think the current business environment and entrepreneurship and what is the difference before


Pan Hao: now a big change is that in the past, the field involved in the homogenization of more serious, such as cell phones, a group of people do, and then fight the price. Now 90 entrepreneurs began to do more different things. The idea of the past is to make the shipment out. The present age

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