Hacker website promotion experience thinking

  this article to rookie, master skip

      today I’m going to tell you about the hacker website promotion experience.

      hacker website history is not long, but it has a lot of fans, there are more well-known black hawk, security base, new century network, I don’t know how they do, oh, maybe they have a better way, here is a more effective way to I am you.

      do hackers stand at least you have a certain knowledge of hacking. Ha ha, and then you have time to do a few video tutorials, with screen video experts to do, very simple, do not add me QQ399714022, huh, huh.

        pay attention to process the video do not forget to publicize their site, be modest, after all we have to abide by users is the principle of God, and then add their own website address in the tutorial shows file, there will need to use the tools of course a very cow is your tutorial, do not remember together to large hacker website, put these tools (whether you are looking for online, or write your own) in your own station, when you do your video tutorial, it contribute to the. Remember to go to a large site, such as black hawk, the new century Wang’an, their audit is strict, but if your tutorial is passed, you know the day will bring at least 2000 IP if your station do have characteristics for you, can be updated regularly, at least to retain 1000 users are you worried that your station not up??

        of course, the premise of the station you do the first to have content, as for how to do that, I don’t speak in the article. Oh, there is a need to revisit it next time, the ratio of SEO to simple many times, and when your video tutorial was widely circulated when more and more people come to you here to download the required software. Oh, is there a feeling once ah, of course it will be said, that I can’t do what you do, the tutorial does not matter, you can learn more about a few well-known hacker friends (Black Hawk has a lot to do video) to help you, of course you need to pay a little money, but if you may taste good others will help you, and yes, forgot to say, if those submission included video tutorial is 10 yuan to 100 yuan royalties, ha ha, is not shoot two hawks with one arrow..

      so here I suggest that hackers want station friends:
      more than 1 large hacker websites around, so you can be included as long as they love what works, you can according to your preferences and >

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