Amazon’s 20 million acquisition of Santiago security Harvest ai

days ago, Amazon has been traced to the acquisition of Santiago safety record prices of, the purchase price of $20 million.

is reported that the acquisition by Amazon network services (AWS) – that is, Amazon’s cloud services sector completed. founded by two employees of the former NSA, their research and development technology can help companies lock up and stop cyber attacks against their data. uses machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence techniques to learn whether or not an unauthorized person attempts to steal intellectual property rights or other important documents on the company’s servers. artificial intelligence flagship product called MACIE analysis technology, is currently applying for patents. The technology uses artificial intelligence to monitor the customer’s intellectual property rights in real time is violated, whether someone is reading, copying or moving important documents, when and where these people to do what specific things, etc.. Through a series of analysis, MACIE can analyze suspicious behavior patterns, before hackers steal files, reduce potential data leakage. The most important function of MACIE is that it can prevent the ghost haunted.

sources, Amazon paid $19 million to The company had received a $2 million 300 thousand financing from investors.

after the deal,’s 12 employees will move to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

currently, Amazon also did not respond to the deal, but one of the Trinity Ventures lead investor said on its website, the company was purchased by; in addition, several employees of the British lead page also made updates that they now at AWS.

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