O2O winter has come the mall F2C mode of public network is probably the direction of entrepreneursh

Beijing during the winter of 2015, although O2O has heat began to cool, but the CBD center of the Wanda Plaza, there are still a lot of O2O entrepreneurial team in full swing with instant noodles, cups and other small commodities, encourage everyone to scan the QR code to download a variety of APP, but also in the Internet Conference held, entrepreneurs for O2O has not. And today, CBD sweep code small team quietly disappeared, the food merchants who no longer have discounts every day, it was said that O2O has entered the winter, it was also said that this is a sign of rational investment.


after all, represented by the O2O Online to Offline model is not what problem, the real problem is that when the business model began to appear and spread rapidly popularized in the market, it has reached an explosive growth, a large number of false needs are produced, such as Manicure etc., when a product market pile up in excess of requirement in the homogenization of products will lead to increased competition, and the first is affected is the pseudo demand for products. Media reports from time to time so O2OAPP failures, so CEO makes O2O run away and other news, like an overdue clown exposure in the heavy rain, very sad. Sometimes you will feel Chinese entrepreneurs and investors in fact and not what the difference between vegetable farmers this year, next year will sell your cabbage cabbage, radish and expensive for second years.

on the other hand, O2O is relying on the real line shop, but the store is not scattered but also bring real and lasting quality and service guarantee, this is also a lot of problems faced by APP O2O. While the F2C is different from it, F (factory), C (custom), as the name suggests, this is a direct from the factory to the customer’s business model, O2O said cut out the middlemen more directly, because it is relying on quality and service guarantee of the manufacturers, has been completely removed all of the business that is equivalent to the customer to take the goods directly from the factory.


Shopping mall

public network is F2C, an online shopping mall, mall public network does not directly sell products, but the link to their own website, you can rest assured that shopping in the mall, do not have to worry about fakes; at the same time, the network shopping mall rebate, whether you in the factory the mall to buy any products, can return to the network to obtain the corresponding rebate mall. This business model is a perfect solution to the modern city of the two psychological needs of online shopping, one to genuine, the price of low to two.


online shopping now most people will choose Taobao, Jingdong and several well-known electricity providers, but they sell product quality problems have become increasingly prominent, more and more brands begin to do their own brand mall, but for >

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