Mobile providers into the growth period significantly enhance user activity

Beijing on April 17th news, according to foreign media reports, after experiencing a desktop, laptop to e-commerce brought tremendous growth, and now the mobile terminal has begun to enter the electricity supplier stage. This requires sales agencies to seize the opportunity to provide consumers with a perfect mobile experience. Only in this way can we attract consumers and improve their loyalty to a certain brand.

at present, 26% of consumers are using mobile devices for evaluation after customer service or product, but there will be more consumers to use mobile devices in the future, the rise of mobile providers has become an irresistible trend.

whether it is a retailer or a large brand sales company, they need to provide consumers with the perfect mobile experience, including social elements. Only in this way, they can not be eliminated in the tide of business mobility. And this improvement can not be delayed, a little later may be abandoned by consumers.

In fact,

is now on the rise of mobile commerce reports are very large, and some articles and even radical put forward the "mobile first" (mobile first) slogan.

smart phones and tablet PCs now provide users with a broad mobile platform, and more and more users began to use mobile devices to complete customer service or product evaluation. In order to better understand the trend of the development of mobile providers, the United States marketing agency econsultancy specifically for consumers to use mobile devices for a period of 2 months of follow-up investigation.

According to the statistical data of

comment reevoo display, 2011 September to use the mobile client product reviews accounted for only 8% of the number of consumers in general, but in the past year and a half, the number of people using the mobile terminal growth of 212% (see table below).

Reevoo customers use mobile devices to evaluate the growth table

in the fall of 2012, Currys and PCWorld, the two agencies also specifically for mobile devices released a response element contains social elements of the site (see below).

Currys and PCWorld mobile devices for the release of the social elements of the responsive site

Currys and PCWorld statistics show that there are now 26% of consumers through the mobile terminal product evaluation and use of customer service. And this trend is more and more obvious. Over the past few years, we have witnessed the growth of desktops and laptops to e-commerce, mobile commerce is also experiencing the same growth. Currently mobile electricity supplier is in the golden stage of development, the growth rate continues to improve.

although the mobile terminal business starting point is relatively low, but with the popularity of mobile devices, the use of mobile devices for customer service and evaluation of consumer groups will be more and more.

so the sales offices at all levels in order to better suck

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