Shopping site launched advertising alliance sales commission to win over small Adsense

The development of

not only led to the industry, and even had no way out long station have also found a way to make money. The so-called small webmaster is actually some have their own blog, personal home page. These small webmaster want to make money, so we must rely on advertising. The advertising alliance is the best place for them to look for advertising.

now known advertising alliance, Baidu Union, Google, Ali Mama, the NetEase, in a period of time, these small webmaster rely on this kind of advertising to earn a lot of money. However, because the momentum of development of network are constantly changing, many small webmaster have said this is not good.

with the development of B2C e-commerce, many B2C sites have to consider new ways to attract customers. Advertising alliance is a very good practice. Small webmaster can according to their own ability to join, and then put into their own advertising to the station, if able to attract customers, and produce the order, then you can get a part of the commission.

A sales model

which is currently the B2C electronic commerce developed, although this sales model is more expensive, but also can produce a lot of orders, which makes the development of the electronic commerce can be better.

through this simple combination, not only to earn B2C electronic mall to profit, but also pulled a small webmaster to earn money. It has been said that a successful person is not only successful, but also has to help others succeed. B2C mall is such a successful person.

as long as we have the vision, have the ability to think, then you can find a suitable development path in the rapid development of the Internet age. Anne’s gift ( original feeds, please keep the link.

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