Ping spent 1 billion 400 million did not burn a good car safely


] February 17th news billion state power network, the second-hand rim and the bad news. The media said, peace good car business is gradually closed, some employees have eaten farewell dinner, internal staff or severance, business or will be packed off to the car home.

is close to a good car safely insiders to billion state power network, the safety car will indeed stop in the recently completed the internal port site, other matters before the March 15th settlement. The safety car is genuinely interested in selling packages to the car home, but the two sides did not reach a deal failed to communicate.

car home insiders to billion state power network said, temporarily has no internal to the "safe car news.

at present, the safety car official website shows all normal. Billion state power network to verify the safety car, the official did not officially respond.


safety car official website screenshot

and other media reported that the safety car is based on Ping An Group 3 open service strategy, Ping An group of 30 million owners as the goal, to adjust business model.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the safety car is Chinese Ping’s O2O business, to provide second-hand vehicle information, vehicle detection, help sell and auto insurance, car loans and other financial services mainly for the majority of owners.

May 2013, Ping An Group launched a good car safely, and ho throw 1 billion 400 million yuan on advertising industry. With the used car industry players: open new, car home treasure, every day to shoot the car, but also set off a wave of advertising war.

Ping An Group Chairman Ma Mingzhe

insiders told billion state power network, the safety car choice C2B model, a relatively small profit space, the main charge transaction fees, but fees are too high and the car dealer will encounter resistance to burn for long-term vitality. The two does not meet the rational and pragmatic cultural aspirations of Ping An group.

later, the safety car and B2C business transformation to seek breaking, but long burn no Internet entrepreneurship return has not been accepted by the peace group.

billion state power network found that in the 2016 New Year’s speech, Ping An Group Chairman Ma Mingzhe noted Internet plus financial platform "Lu Jin", before the exchange, Maemi Nobu, one purse, the field of medical Internet plus "Ping doctor", Internet plus real estate "real well", did not mention previously optimistic the safe good car".

but in order to auto insurance, peace can not give up this financial growth point." Insiders said, the safety car failure does not give up peace on behalf of the used car industry, because the second-hand car behind represents the automobile finance. In the future, whether it is investment, acquisition or internal incubation, the peace of the soil will certainly stand up in a representative of the automotive industry.


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