32 Google AD special effects to enjoy the collection

this article is for reference only, not model, the site is not responsible for the reasonableness of these practices, we look at the excellent optimization program, combined with Google Adsense regulations, appropriate optimization. Don’t cheat.

Google AdSense launched a rounded effect to add the function, but the real landscaping Googl AD to be more professional. The following is from the "29 Different Google Ads Style" provides 32 kinds of Google AD display effect, also provides the source code used to facilitate the
: in fact it just provides a background picture plus a set of color code only, but such collocation is quite fine, have to agree a!
Full Banners
1- Rounded corners in blue
View Code

2-CSS Glow Banner Background
View Code

3-Morning Horizon Full Banner
View Code

4- Purple />< />
View Code

5- Blue Blue Sky Full Banner
View Code

6- Blue & Black Titled Full Banner
View; Code

< />7- Black & Blue Titled Full Banner
View Code

8- Black Gradient Full Banner
View Code

9- />Hal B>

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