CNNC has acquiesced in individual users to register CN domain name

In March 7th, China’s domain name registration authority China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a press conference in Beijing, officially launched the national domain off action, and announced that from now until May 31st, the first year of the new CN domain name registration will enjoy 1 yuan registered price.

the starting point of this event is to promote the application of CN domain names, the realization of the national domain name to take off, to promote the development of China’s Internet economy. The event is more than 139 million of users directly to China’s Internet users. Now China CN domain name registration is 1 million 800 thousand, second only to Germany, Holland, the UK ranked fourth, and have the amount of people are much less than his country, CNNIC director Mao Wei said: I hope that the CN domain name to become the world’s largest and most influential users of the domain name, CN domain name number 10 million to the only reasonable. The Chinese enterprise users can not be in the short term to the rapid development of CN domain name registration, in such a context, it means that the majority of individual users will be able to directly register CN domain name?

"China CNNIC domain name registration rules" chapter second, article fourteenth: "domain name registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) shall be registered according to law and be able to independently bear civil liability organization. This article shows that users personal CN domain name is not registered separately, and this time CNNIC start a national yuan CN domain experience indicates that the CN domain name is the Internet users open individual users at the same time, Mao Wei at the press conference also said that the CN element is to allow users to experience a domain name registration barrier. I think there are two reasons: 1, "China CNNIC domain name registration rules" was implemented in 2002, some are not suited for the development of the Internet China now, besides the DNS server when China didn’t belong to you and also haven’t broken cable accident students. 2, CNNIC is still not fully formally agreed to the state, but has acquiesced in such cases through operation, it also annexed policies and regulations lag behind the development of the industry, as long as after a document can be explained.

IDC for this reporter China circle also visited several domain registrar, they are also said to know this, and they will communicate with CNNIC, but for operation at this stage only a temporary release of individual CN to a domain name registration, registration, their market share, to lay the foundation for future renewal now the second profit; CNNIC’s attitude is also equivalent to the default personal registration, they can only make. (Lin Jixin)

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