Electricity supplier content and services Jingdong accompany the plan to contract all children

Children’s Day day, Jingdong group at its headquarters in the Jingdong to accompany all the time "as the theme, the company plans to officially release the Jingdong. It is reported that Jingdong is different from the previous routine with the product, but in the current electricity supplier industry, the first child centered comprehensive service platform.


is currently the national opening two child policy is about to usher in a new baby boom, maternal and child market is facing new opportunities for growth, but there are also food safety, unqualified products, raising cost is high. Vice president of Jingdong, the Group Marketing Center for Xiong Qingyun said, hope that the Jingdong "accompany plan" to meet the multidimensional needs of users, for more China family escort. So what is the Jingdong accompany program in the end what kind of product can solve the needs of


accompany program: unlike electricity providers like big data services

What is the

company plan? In accordance with the Jingdong’s official explanation is this: "company plan" as a strategic project of the Jingdong, in the consumer to upgrade an advanced move under the trend. The program is committed to the target user, the existing system of Jingdong through polymerization related resources, the establishment of an open platform of symbiotic relationship, to provide a more intimate, more high-quality services for consumers, for parents to accompany the children to provide information, shopping, finance, public interest in one of the exclusive products and services.


concept sounds more abstract, simply say, company plan actually didn’t like the traditional electric products, and the like is intimate service for children to grow up in order. From the usual child to wear the various products used to feed the information and questions to answer questions, and then to the development of financial planning and insurance, and even public service activities, can be accompanied by a one-stop solution to accompany.

can be seen from the name, accompanied by the program’s service object is the child, so in product design is also the child’s growth as the main line. Parents login platform, enter the child’s date of birth (or expected date of birth), gender and other basic information, the system can be recommended to match the product or service, and is entirely from the perspective of the parents to consider the issue.

Jingdong plans to accompany the span of time is very long, ranging from mother pregnancy to children aged 0-18 in different stages of the growth, and from -1 to 18 years old children divided into 6 age stages, parents can create a personal profile for children, and get the exclusive page. In other words, when a child is not born, accompanied by the program has begun to serve him, has been accompanied by the age of 18 adults, until the society.

is now a very rich supply of goods, but in the vast commodity information, want to find suitable for their goods or services, time costs are also increasing, to the child’s parents to increase the number of difficulties. Relying on the powerful brain of the big data analysis and processing capabilities of Jingdong, Jingdong accompany the program can provide users with accurate personalized experience and services. To achieve a real big data recommendation, get rid of the user’s choice difficulty, section >

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