Taobao is limited to Korea to come Official response fake

news August 15th, the day before, some media reported that Taobao has begun to limit all about Korea, South Korean artist and red net video, photos, name, are not allowed to appear on the Taobao platform. In this regard, the state power grid to Ali responsible person confirmed, responsible person responded that no matter.


media reports said that a big micro-blog V broke the news Taobao began to limit korea. All about Korean artists, the network red video, photos, names, are not allowed to appear on the platform (including marketing and commodity level), especially in the G20 and double eleven period. On the platform and PR platform independent marketing level, daily marketing and double 11 big promotion activities are not allowed, will be legal supervision; commodity level, South Korea’s shops, goods, with the money commodity itself is not affected, but not South Korean artist name and image (such as the Song Zhong base with sunglasses, etc.).


billion state power network in micro-blog search, found that a micro-blog V Taobao limited Korea news, but the latest date for August 14th. The relevant media release of the article for the time of August 13th, after Taobao and micro-blog are related to the South Korea are micro-blog has been deleted".


billion state power network asked Ali responsible person, responsible person responded, Taobao did not limit han".

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