Skype will soon push Windows Phone version


technology news Beijing time on January 15th morning news, Skype vice president Rick · Oosterloo (Rick Osterloh) this week at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as "CES") in an interview revealed that the Windows Phone version of Skype will be launched soon.

Microsoft (micro-blog) in October last year, the price of $12 billion 500 million acquisition of Skype, but after the two sides in the development of new software and hardware products and did not achieve real cooperation. Right now, Skype users are most concerned about a problem may be, Windows Phone version of the Skype client when launched.

Oosterloo said in an interview, Skype is developing Windows version of the Phone, but he refused to disclose the specific date of the listing, but said, will soon be released". He also pointed out that Skype is trying to integrate its software to other products on Microsoft, including Xbox 360 and Windows 8.

Microsoft keynote speech at the CES show revealed that the current number of users per month Skype more than 200 million people, these users in 2011, a total of up to 300 billion minutes of call time. Skype also announced the day before, in 2011, between Skype users call time in 2011 for international calls, the total length of the proportion of nearly 25%.

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