E commerce sites need to do a good job in order to obtain customer trust

Kowloon wine chain stores in the country as the electronic commerce website specializes in Guizhou Maotai Town liquor, operation has been more than a year, Xi’an today a careful customers help us find a details for more than a year has not paid attention to this problem, with a net station opened on Alipay secured transactions. Found the problem, through the communication with the official Alipay technical staff, quickly resolved.

through this thing, so that we deeply understand as an e-commerce site, only to do a good job to get the details of the customer’s trust!

Xi’an this customer is the first time to deal with us, set up 200 Maotai Town Bistro wine. Since this is the first time to deal with each other, we need cash on delivery, but the factory is the policy after the first shipment, in this case, we are generally carried out by Alipay secured transactions. The customer is worth careful network operators and consumers to learn! He went to Alipay official website by customer to understand whether we really were signed with Alipay, the results of the query is our Alipay account with Alipay signed, but the bound is not our official website.

when Xi’an friend told me when the inquiry, I don’t believe that we are operating for more than a year, Alipay has been renewed after the expiration of one year, how Alipay customer service will say we bound instead of the


I quickly login Alipay website, above clearly showing signing websites, so I QQ remote assistance let Xi’an friends to check my computer through, he looked after or not at ease, always feel there is a problem, because Alipay is not the official customer service said we bind the domain name.

to find out where the problem is, I hurried to call to the Alipay company in Zhejiang, please help technical personnel to view what is going on. After inspection, the original Alipay background and foreground is not synchronized, I use another name in the past, to replace the domain name, Alipay did not automatically replace the background, also shows that in the past the domain name, so they said our customer service will not bind to account the domain name to my friend in Xi’an


learned after me on the phone please Alipay technical staff to help change the domain name now in the background, the modified notice of Xi’an friends again to confirm to the Alipay customer service, customer service to confirm the friend through Alipay, assured payment hit us on Alipay, the completion of the initial order.

after we specifically on the matter were analyzed and summarized, although this episode is due to the background and the Alipay official website desynchronisation, but it gave us a lot of inspiration, the most important point is that as a professional B2C e-commerce site, only to do the details, in order to get customers trust.


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