Baidu officially launched cloud services platform to provide developers with AP

September 3rd morning news, Baidu world 2012 conference held in Beijing today, Baidu officially launched the cloud service platform for users (, the current cloud storage, photo album, mail list etc.. In addition, Baidu cloud also provides developers with API, and said this model for cloud 2.


, Baidu cloud released the album, features include SkyDrive, cloud mail list etc.. At the same time also provides a cross screen, cross terminal functions, covering the computer, mobile phones, pad, TV and other platforms. Baidu will also open up the future of music, libraries and other mainstream products, into a one-stop cloud platform services.

users can according to the demand, the freedom to choose personal data to third party applications, access to the corresponding services. Developers through Baidu cloud will effectively reduce the cost of development, operation, promotion, etc..

According to reports, in the 1 era of personal cloud, the user’s data scattered in various applications or devices in local space, information and data can not be synchronized and shared, the user is not convenient to access, difficult to manage

. Baidu cloud by the polymerization of mainstream cloud applications, and open API to developers to help users to store personal data set, breaking the previous cloud island ", so that users can use their data freely whenever and wherever possible in any application and equipment.

Baidu will also be called cloud 2.

market research firm Gartner predicts that personal cloud in 2014 will replace PC, the core of the digital life of the Internet users. Baidu mobile cloud products relevant responsible person said, the introduction of Baidu cloud service platform for users, developers to bring a one-stop cloud experience, is a personal cloud to the turning point of maturity.

today 24 registered users of Baidu cloud, mobile phones and the chain can be obtained through the combination of 100G cloud space. Prior to the use of Baidu cloud users, after the completion of the binding phone and the chain to share, the same can get 100G space. (Shu Shi)

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