Ministry of Railways behind the 330 million tender background technology was questioned in the indus

investment in the IT software system, the Ministry of Railways relative to the operator’s ten billion investment has been very low, a high-speed rail investment 200 billion, a ticket system invested by 300 million, has long ignored the construction of information technology

Ministry of Railways official designated ticket site 12306 in the Mid Autumn Festival before the arrival of the holiday again paralyzed". The last time the paralysis occurred before the Spring Festival this year. The 12306 sites and behind it technical support services, in the voices of doubt, and public opinion has been pushed to the fore.

according to public information, the Ministry of Railways has just recently on "a new generation of ticket system" project bidding, Tai Chi shares (600100.SH) and Tongfang (002368.SZ) respectively to 199 million yuan and 130 million yuan bid. This means that the new generation ticket system, a total amount of about 330 million yuan tender project.

a new generation of passenger ticket system, including the Ministry of Railways and the background of its technical services, the first phase of the project includes: hardware and software equipment integration, room power wiring system and monitoring system construction. According to the Ministry of Railways in September at the beginning of the statement, "the construction of a new generation of ticket system" will be for a period of 3 years, a project will be completed by the end of this year.

up to hundreds of millions of dollars in the project, can make 12306 become more smooth, convenient?

background technology was questioned in the industry

due to the National Day holiday Mid Autumn Festival approaching, users purchase eager, which makes 12306 degrees of paralysis occurred only designated by the Ministry of Railways ticketing website Tai Chi shares is mainly responsible for the technical service support.

data show that 12306 of the average daily PV was only $35 million, Jingdong mall daily PV of 1/2, for Taobao’s daily average of 525 million PV 1/30 (). But during the Spring Festival, the 12306 visit to the site of the peak has more than 1 billion, an increase of nearly.

IT commentators Xiang Ligang believes that the rapid growth of users suddenly makes 12306 of its architecture is confined, and what is more, according to the China buy tickets, in some time, 12306 per second will have tens of millions of PV access to this growth, and other electricity supplier websites are quite different.

so, in this case, 199 million yuan project can bring much improvement?

: CTO Feng Dahui told reporters, at present, processing capacity of 12306 web site back-end is insufficient, the influx of a large number of users, site prone to paralysis.

is a website of business technical staff said the site paralysis occurred mainly because of too many HTTP requests to the server overload, while Taobao web site will therefore adopt technology of distributed data processing, but the 12306 is clearly not up to the technical requirements. In addition, in order to test the pressure of the web server

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