The bitter journey of my network

      first of all to ask a good voice

      do not know how to start talking about this poignant journey

      not long, but a little bad, do not know to whether it is worth or not, may feel the same friends too much.

      Chinese parasol tree, I have been using the net name. Chinese is so, English is: phoenixtree, here we see the


net school.

      the first net is in the 02 year, the year was high, originally in this period we should be quite stressful, all aspects of society, family,

      net early, and then the net like mood, especially after the Q, began to engage in the night, however, has not been infatuated with the game, the game did not know for what, occasionally also apply for a boring cut in the deer, cut a night.
& nbsp;        
      average high school life, no matter on the Internet, for a family to spend money, to know the rural economy at that time does not allow people like me to spend my money on other things unrelated to study, a big mistake myself that hurt the hearts of parents. The college entrance examination scores down to file line into (sorry, how to say my understanding in the school is good, I participated in the chemistry contest, nor for the unknown time), I don’t want to fill volunteer big reason at that time, there is a good mix of relatives heard in the South yourself, The company said, you know what a son in the countryside, or what people engage in a company on the outside, or on your own, it is not wrong, not to mention and I have some relationship, but the relationship is not general, so no fill volunteer, do not intend to review (later to know this idea is wrong, after all others are others, he gives you, as parents as selfless to you, always with a purpose in it), although the family said let me review (poor parents, family economy, let me continue to learn, this is a bit sorry parents) when young, we have made many mistakes, hurt parents many times, we are careless, but it is a.
      score out after a few days, not to fill volunteer run, with hundreds of pieces, the family went to Wenzhou. A relative Well, that is to play, in fact, do not want to stay at home, a person, graduated from high school, the exam is over, a lot of people ask how the test >