Tmall was angered the smother sellers forced to stand

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channel is king of the times, grasp the right to speak in front of the channels, suppliers are often at a disadvantage, often feel as cookies taste. Once the line of home appliance chain industry heyday, Gome and Suning suppliers are often forced to stand, miserable. And now, with the rise of electricity power, right to speak more and more sufficient, in the face of their suppliers is diandaqike, requiring the latter to act in accordance with their baton, which makes businesses feel very uncomfortable.

dissatisfied with Jingdong, part of the business out of promotional activities

September 3rd, Jingdong opened a new round of promotional war to buy 300 to send 1000 coupons". But the next day, Eve, Li, AKSERIES and other clothing brand knoch said he was forced to pull the chariot, has issued a notice to suspend delivery or business in the shop home page.

clothing brand Jasonwood electricity supplier general manager Wei Wei reflected in his micro-blog, the brand did not sign up, but was added to the Jingdong promotional page, and the activities of the 1000 yuan coupons to businesses pay. In negotiations with Jingdong and clearly indicate that they do not participate in the event, they suffered a frozen payment, forced under the shelf, can not log in the background, etc.. But the Jingdong denied the claim. But then, Qipai, Shanshan, Septwolves, zero male and other shops also have the shelf products.

these businesses said the reason is because the cost of exit promotional activities, but the "IT times" reporter found that these shops actually have a common characteristic, namely, most of them at the same time in the Jingdong and Tmall mall shop. The activities of the Jingdong issued 1000 coupons, the use of time is from November 5th to 8, directed at Tmall’s annual double sales of eleven (November 11th).

digital business on the IT Times reporter, said he did not want to participate in the activities of the main reason is not because they feel too much promotional costs, but Jingdong and Tmall reasons".

Tmall was angered the "smother"

now, full 300 to send 1000 coupons activities have ended. When the "IT times" reporter login again these are originally stores page, found most of them had resumed normal operation. Septwolves call said, now they Jingdong online customer service interface is locked temporarily, but the background in normal operation, can be shipped on time.

however, these businesses still did not elaborate the relevant person in charge of an interview with reporters, "in order to facilitate future cooperation, in some cases to disclose". The reporter to Qipai platform Jingdong responsible person said, before they did not participate in the activities of Jingdong is not considered the promotion cost by themselves to bear too high, "if the Jingdong invested a lot of advertising costs, we would like to a part of the cost to do the promotion, the main reason is the" Tmall of the pressure". Zero male brand stakeholders have similar expressions.

on "Tmall pressure"