To audit the A barrage station B station how to do

[Abstract] for the vulgarization, abuse others barrage, there is no special good time management.


fire barrage, just a few months, will be "stare" on the. Liu Qiang, deputy director of the Ministry of culture market department recently said, "because some users indulge a barrage of acrimony, vulgar words diffuse in the works, forming a chain reaction between" bad influence, so to intensify efforts to investigate.

as the two dimension by the welcome "instant barrage Tucao way, already from the original animation site Acfun (A station) and Bilibili (B station) spread to the potatoes, Iqiyi and other video sites, even the Hunan TV Golden Eagle Festival Awards and Taobao dual twelve activities are started with the barrage. The way suction eye, but regulatory and instant originally is a contradiction, which makes a lot of folk love fear molecular barrage, barrage will therefore not be fun


A station B station raise the threshold

"I sent a barrage of almost no delay, as a senior B enthusiasts, netizen" mountain garden paper "on the government stance earlier worries:" so fast, there should be no review of the content, some improper remarks directly sent out, not very good effect."

in the barrage site some users in the use of "barrage Tucao, updatealways pull on China", sharp words can easily lead to war of words. Although it will be reported on the video UP can delete inappropriate barrage, individuals can also become keywords shielding, but itself in journalism "Mountain Park paper" was very clear, a barrage of management to go on the road of normalization sooner or later.


Bilibili website as the main two dimensional culture, has become the largest barrage site, according to previous exposure of the financing plan, B PC end of the number of monthly active 27 million, is close to 5 million active users of mobile terminals for one month, a lot of 90 to say, they may be the main or B station only watch the video website.

is probably in B station declined in the teeth of the storm, "IT times" the reporter’s interview, and do not want to disclose how the management system of the existing barrage. But from the actual operation of the reporter, although the statement was not delay, but the relative controllability of Barrage is better than micro-blog. B membership system, only members can send a barrage, but the membership application must be done 100 and animation related topics in 60 minutes, if not the animation is very understanding of the people, it is difficult to finish the task. Or you can also become a member through the invitation. However, due to a barrage of traceability, if members of a barrage of words properly, report users or blacklist, then the user will be a certain period of time will be banned, the most serious permanent gag, but the invitation will also be joint punishment.

is similar to Acfun station and B, in September this year has just introduced the account, review and management rules have clear > barrage